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In this blog I will share with you research and information that can help you with education, concussions, vision therapy and other medical eye procedures.
Many of the posts will provide helps for you to tutor your child. Techniques used by reading specialists pioneered from a combination of medical and educational information will be featured.
To tutor reading, and make significant improvements for your child takes work, of course you will have to work hard. But to tutor effectively, you will need to know what strategies work. I will uncover these here for you.
Multi-sensory strategies will be our focus. These are tutoring strategies developed by Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell. If you are going to tutor dyslexia, you absolutely must have these in your toolbox.
We will also discuss vision therapy. What vision therapy can improve and what it cannot. Often, readers that have reduced reading fluency suffer from visual perceptual difficulties.
More common visual problems like convergence insufficiency will be discussed. The treatments for concussion will be unveiled. Amblyopia (lazy eye) will also be a topic that we see how vision therapy can help.
Follow me as we discover how technology has improved how you can tutor better.
Dr. Joe Falbo

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