Dr. Falbo has helped over 2000 clients through advanced vision therapy.  As a behavioral optometrist he uses the latest techniques to effectively treat convergence insufficiency, lazy eye (amblyopia), and Post concussion syndrome.  Patients have traveled from as far away as Kansas City and Atlanta to receive his care.

It all begins with a personal evaluation at Red Apple.  Then, Dr. Falbo will design a custom vision therapy program to improve your visual skills.  Improving eye alignment and tracking is similar to wearing braces, it takes time to straighten both teeth and your eyes.  most patients attend vision therapy sessions once or twice weekly over a period of a few months.  Here is additional information:

Convergence insufficiency results when each of the two eyes cannot simultaneously turn inwards to align on a single word or target.  This can cause headaches and cause students to skip or add words as they read.  Convergence insufficiency is effectively treated with vision therapy.  Watch this video to learn more.

Vision therapy will empower you to visually track across a page more easily to improve reading skills. It can also enhance your sports performance in baseball, hockey, basketball or golf.

Amblyopia or lazy eye can occur in one of two ways. Refractive amblyopia occurs when one eye has a much higher prescription than the other eye. This can result in the eye with the higher prescription being shut off which stunts its development. Strabismic amblyopia results when one eye is turned inward or outward and that turned eye is then shut off, resulting in lack of development.

Because of the high demand for Dr. Falbo’s services, there are times when the treatment schedule is full, which can result in a waiting list. Please be patient.

Convergence insufficiency video

Amblyopia video