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Want to be a great tutor to your children?

Tutor your young children, using proven research.  Back in 1991 there was a study completed by researcher named Moats.  This study showed remarkable statistics.  Just focus on this fact.  A very good, young reader in first grade knows at least 20,000 words.  Contrast this with “struggling”, young readers in first grade who on average know only 5,000 words.  Tutor your children with this in mind.

If you are a parent or teacher who wants to tutor your children in reading you must immerse your child in words.  Very early on, when your children are one, two, and three years of age, you need to have conversations with them.  Speak in complete sentences.  Use new words when speaking with them to stretch their vocabulary.

Teachers and parents most often think that they must use high tech strategies to tutor reading.  But the truth is, reading development starts much earlier in life.  It begins with exposure to rich language.

The best tutoring actions could be to play with the plastic, magnetic letters on your refrigerator with your preschool children.  Show them how to construct two letter words and put these up for them to see.

Teach them short, fun poems.  The repetitive rhyming phrases are a fun way to tutor sounds.  Poems by Douglas Florian will make you and your children giggle…what could be more fun while learning?

Let TV help you tutor.  Choose good learning programs directed at or slightly above your children’s grade level.  The best programs will use good language skills along with enticing visuals.

Most importantly, read stories to them.  Children love stories.  Let them help you choose which story to read next.

The key to tutoring effectively is to make it a game.  Keep it fun.

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