Best reading tutor can boost your child’s reading level by two years or more.

reading tutor

Would you like your reading tutor to improve your child’s reading speed and accuracy?  And, while accomplishing this, would you like to boost your child’s reading comprehension too?

Of course you would.

It is not only possible, I will show you how you can do this.  What makes me so sure?  Because we tutor reading with this type of success every day at Red Apple Learning Center in McMurray, PA.

There are a number of key factors to find the best reading tutor.  Even many reading specialists do not know all of these factors.  Why not?  Simply because the best tutoring methods are a careful blend of medical and educational research.

First of all, for best results, your reading tutor should work one on one with your child.  One tutor to one student.

Most learning centers, especially the chains or franchise centers, have one teacher work with multiple students.  They may call it a “personalized tutoring” program.  Or some franchised learning centers refer to it as “individualized tutoring”.  In each of these cases, your student will usually work along with other students in a group.  This is really one reading tutor with multiple students.

The first key then to helping your student attain wonderful results is to get a reading tutor to work one on one with your child.

Next, multi-sensory teaching techniques are a must.  Why?  Because teaching using a student’s senses of sight, hearing and touch result in the best “stickiness”.  That means that students remember the words and sentences best with this tutoring strategy.  Multi-sensory tutoring of reading has been proven time and time again as the most effective method on the planet.  The methods may be called an Orton-Gillingham program or the Lindamood-Bell program, both well known methods.

Your third component to get the best reading tutor results is multiple tutoring sessions each week.  We have found that two to three reading tutor sessions per week work very well for most students.  Certain students even respond well when we combine multiple sessions in one day for a more intense tutoring experience.

Fourth, your student must practice at home in between each reading tutor session.  Just like piano lessons or gymnastics, practice is essential to becoming a great reader.  Every day devote at least 15 minutes to reading.

So back to the beginning…how can you achieve two grade levels of reading improvement in your child?  Just follow the recipe above.

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