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Tutoring, McMurray – Improve Reading Now

Red Apple Learning Center Tutoring, McMurray, utilizes the most advanced strategies to tutor elementary school students and high school students.  Red Apple is the only tutoring center in the Pittsburgh area to offer multi sensory teaching strategies and vision therapy to empower your student to succeed.  With custom tutoring programs for dyslexia as well as other reading specialist programs, your child will work one on one with our teachers every step of the way.

Founded by Doctor Joseph Falbo

Red Apple Learning Center Tutoring, McMurray is the only center in Pittsburgh that was founded and directed by a doctor. Dr. Joseph Falbo combines the powerful tools of both medical and educational research to develop our reading specialist programs. Whether your goal is to tutor to improve phonics skills or reading fluency, Red Apple Learning Center Tutoring, McMurray can help. With special programs for students with dyslexia and for students on the spectrum Red Apple Learning Center’s tutoring programs cater to your student’s specific needs. Please be patient, due to high demand there is often a waiting list for our specialized tutoring.

“Red Apple Learning Center has helped me so much. All of my grades have changed from lo B’s to high B’s and A’s. Plus I have been doing great on my Accelerated Reading tests. Thanks so much for your support.”
Makenna Smith
“…I can read faster…I spell better. I am getting A’s on every test”
“Red Apple has helped me in many ways. I am able to take scantron tests without skipping lines. I can see words and read them faster which has helped me in my fluency…Red Apple is a fun learning center and it has helped me see, read, and write without reversals.”
Jimmy Filby
“Red Apple Learning Center helped me improve and expand my vocabulary…I now understand a lot more of my reading. Thanks for the help teachers!”
Kevin Chen

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